Junk Food Obsession-

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  1. My latest obsession - THE adorable tees, Junk Food. Anyone have ideas as to reputable sellers on eBay? Or sites that may sell authentic Junk Food?
    Thanks for reading!
  2. revolve and 80's purple sell Junk Food.

    i think they're great too, I have a fab Bon Jovi 'Slippery When Wet' Tour t-shirt, I love it!!
  3. I am obsessed with junkfood tees. I got to get one of the lil miss tees. 80stees.com is my ultimate source. I got my "the original britney" tee and jem's world tour from them. Both from junkfood. Also kitson sells junkfood.
  4. Off Sak's 5th ave have a lot in stock. The little miss line and the oscar the grouch line, HTH!
  5. I love Junk Food shirts! shopkitson.com has some I believe, I've gotten a lot from the Kitson store when I've been in LA.
  6. I got mine on 80stees.com, and they are definately authentic. I love the Little Miss-tshirts! (I have Little Miss Giggles, Little Miss Wise & Little Miss Bad)

    Thinking about getting the Little Red Riding Hood one next. Or the Little Miss Print tank, with several of the Little Misses on it...
  7. I've seen (and sold, when I still worked retail!) them at Pac Sun.... try their site...eventually, everything goes on sale with that company!
  8. little miss are super cute.. saw many at pacsun, they were like $3.75 i swear.. none of them fit me good, they were to big!!! :cursing: i got one off eBay for like 25 dollars.. very cute
  9. Also try Urban Outfitters :smile: They have them, and usually on sale too!

    I love the Little Miss tees and also the hair band tees. Rock on!
  10. i love these shirts. I purchase a few on sale 50% off from PacSun.
  11. Try jr. clothing sites like delia*s. I bought a Little Miss Sunshine and Little Miss Trouble from there for $18/each (with free shipping coupon). And they have an array of sizes.