Junior Drake Roberta bag?

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  1. Does anyone have this bag? How is Junior Drake in General in terms of leather softness?
  2. I had a thread on this bag (in black) requesting info from tPFers but had no feedback. I'll be interested if anyone has any experience with the bag and wants to share.
  3. I have the JD "Megan" in a deep purple. It's terrific! Supple leather, great quality, roomy, nice details. I don't have any big time designer handbags, so I try to find lesser known yet high quality names. I'd been impressed with the JDs I'd seen in Nordstrom's, and I like their styles. HTH.
  4. The company does not stand behind their product (in case you get a lemon like I did).

    Make sure it does not have any plastic zippers like mine does :s.

    Good luck.
  5. I heard that JD bags are really really nice...leather is fantastic. I have never seen one IRL though but from what I have heard they are pretty good.