Junior Drake Handbag Issue...

  1. Hi all - I'm quite new here... and totally in my element!!!

    I have descovered Junior Drake handbags and LOVE them -- as long as there is not much fringe happening, lol! I purchased one on eBay a few months back and the 2nd time I used it, the zipper head on the cell phone compartment broke... because the zipper head was made out of PLASTIC!! I was stunned that such a high quality bag would have anything plastic on it!!!

    I just read through the thread involving the Botkier customer service fiasco, and it inspired me to contact the Junior Drake company. SO, I just zipped off an email and we'll see what happens.

    Thank you for the inspiration!! :heart:
  2. I have already received a response from Junior Drake, and sent them pics as per their request. I do admire the speedy customer service!
  3. i am glad to hear they give good customer support.. Love junior drake bags
  4. There are a couple of boutiques in Santa Fe that sell Junior Drake, and that is exactly where I am headed this weekend. Those bags looked really well made from their website, but, of course, it's really hard to tell, so I am glad I will see some IRL.
  5. If you see the Roberta bag, I'd like to hear what you think of it and if it's a heavy bag! TIA
  6. That sucks, and I am sorry to hear that. I have had my eye on a Junior Drake for a while (attached the picture) and reading your story makes me a little more hesistant. I am glad to hear they provided you with quick service though, that is always the upside! GOOD LUCK! :smile:
  7. Well just looked on their website, found a bag a realllly liked and then i find out.....they dont ship to the UK! its soo frustrating trying to get great bags here!!
  8. Still waiting to hear back from Ana - we'll see what is suggested.
    Overall the bag is really well made with super supple leather - durable, but supple. For laurenmcd24, perhaps a boutique would ship to you - or eBay! I don't think anyone has started ripping off the JD name - yet!
  9. I hope they resolve the issue for you! It's good they responded quickly to your email so that's a good sign.

    I really like the Megan bag but the lining turned me off from it. Is the lining the same for all of the bags?
  10. I do believe the lining in all of the bags is the trademark black and white silk photo print. It matches the dustbag and is very luxe to touch... however I must admit IMHO I am not a huge fan of the print.

    Still no word from Ana... and here are the pics I sent her...
  11. I hate plastic zippers with passion, and this is exactly why. I will not buy any designer bag that has a plastic zipper anywhere on it. To me, using plastic zippers is cutting corners on craftsmanship. It's sad, because your bag looks really nicely made otherwise! I hope you can get it fixed somehow!
  12. ITA!!! I was SHOCKED to find the plastic zipper... when it broke! The other zippers (even the internal one) are metal - so why not the exterior compartment with the logo charm on it???

    STILL waiting to hear from Ana. I am getting REALLY annoyed. Will send another note to the general inquiries email as Ana seems to either have vanished or is wishing for me to!
  13. ...and just in case, there is a burgandy one right now on eBay... with this customer service I don't think I'd buy directly from JD.
  14. ...And here is the email I just sent...

    To Whom It May Concern,

    I contacted you on Aug. 13/07 regarding an issue with a handbag. I was immediately contacted by *** ******* who requested pics of the broken plastic zipper on my JD hobo. I sent her pics immediately. When no acknowledgement/answer was received, a few days later I resent the images. This is my THIRD attempt to contact somebody at Junior Drake regarding this issue and needless to say, I am getting annoyed.

    Please let me know where we stand on this issue - I am anxious to share the outcome with my fellow fourm members on The Purse Fourm.

    I love your bags and hope to do business and spread praise of your merchandise and customer service.


    ****** ******