Junior Drake bags?

  1. They are usually a little too fringe-busy for my taste, but I just saw a great deal on one w/out fringe. The leather is beautiful, and I just wanted to know if anyone has heard of them or has an opinion...? Thx!
  2. anyone? :smile:
  3. My mom has one she got at the Maxx , shes only carried it a few times but likes it . They seem well made , I think they're cute .
  4. i hunted down a black junior drake claudette i'd seen in a boutique and kicked myself afterwards for not buying it. they have a website, listing stores. spent a day on the phone before finding the dream bag. not at all overdone with fringe. pefect bag, great leather quality, silk lining. i LOVE this bag, though some of the JD bags are "busy," this one is not. i think junior drake will become a big name in the fashion industry.