Junior Drake - Any Owners? Thoughts?

  1. I just got my first JD bag this week.. I adore the leather! Can't give you anything on durability as I haven't carried it yet but it's very well made, IMO... Thinking of getting it in black too;)

  2. Oooooo! I like that! Where did you get it from? Do the flaps of the front pockets just tuck in that belt? Is the leather on that bag thick or thinner? I also like how the straps are long enough to carry on your shoulder, but not too long so you can carry it on your arm.

    Very nice!
  3. That's a very nice looking bag. How much is it? Where can you get it?
  4. acegirl, what a good-looking bag!
  5. Thanks! I got it from Lunaboston.com & that's the only place I could find it~ The leather is soft & thick. It also has an optional clip on shoulder strap. The front & side pockets also have a small magnetic closure but the front ones do tuck into that strap. There is a large zippered compartment that goes across the back. It's a very roomy & functional bag!

    It's about $475 but with the code grechen, I got 20% off;) I needed an all around "classic" everyday bag. It looks like one of those bags that you can beat around & it will still look great with age & wear. I'm very pleased with it!
  6. Does anyone have an opinion in general about Jr Drake? I'm thinking about getting that bag from Nordstroms (the "Aidile" - link in my original post), but wondered what owners have to say about the quality of leather & craftsmanship?

    Anyone, please?? Thank you in advance:smile:
  7. I just found this description on the frontier outfitters website:

    Aidile Ruched Satchel Handbag
    by Junior Drake
    Fine italian barolo leather,

    Does anyone know what "barolo" leather is?

  8. Most companies assign names to all of their leathers just for classification purposes. Barolo is actually a place in Italy, after which a famous wine is named!
  9. Wow! Thanks. I know absolutely nothing about Italian. I figured it was some kind of leather - you know, like there's calfskin leather, lambskin leather, goat leather, washed leather, etc. I figured Barolo was a type of leather.

    Do you happen to know anything about Jr Drake? The leather looks a little like Botkier and/or Gustto. I wondered if it was as soft and/or thick?
  10. I have a Junior Drake bag. I have found it to be great quality and style. I seem to always get compliments on it, more than some of my other bags(LV,Balenciaga) . You can't beat the price!

  11. I've never even heard of this brand but this purse looks absolutely gorgeous. The leather looks soft and smooshy and you can't beat the price! If they offer a hassle free return, I say give it a shot. Let us know your findings!
  12. I ordered it. If for some reason, it's not to my liking, I can just take it back to my local Nordstroms, but I'm hoping that it's a nice as it looks in the pic. To me, the leather looks like it might feel something like a Botkier. I'll let ya know when I get here. I requested 2-day shipping, so it should be here Tue or Wed.
  13. Ive never seen one IRL, only online. It seems as if he just copies other designers stuff. Balanciaga, Botkier, Tano. The bag you bought looks similar to Tano's jet setter, but with a zipper, different handles, side pockets and some decorative belts added.
    [​IMG]Tano jet setter Fall 06 (discontinued)
    [​IMG]Junior drake bag
  14. That's a stretch to say JD knocked off Tano. There are similarities in ALOT of bags... You're trying to compare the 2 by the color~

    Oh & Tano would NEVER copy a bag of Balenciaga now would they?



    Now let's be fair...