Junior Drake Amber Came Today!

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  1. And OMG! I'm in lurve!

    My daughter and I saw a JD bag in TJMaxx about six weeks ago and she loved it. I went back to get it for her but it was gone... The tags didn't have the bag's official name but it did have the retail price and I've been searching all over for THAT bag!

    I finally found it (I think) and it was delivered today. Same retail price, same shape but this one seems a tad bit bigger and heavier than the other one.

    It is gorgeous! The leather is jet black lambskin and oh so heavenly! It's even got an adjustable strap which is long enough for crossbody! If my daughter doesn't want it, I'll gladly keep it for myself!
  2. Sounds great, tonij! Do you have some pics?
  3. Yep, not good ones though but I'll post em, brb!
  4. Gee whizz!!!!! I wish I could find JD at my TJM!!!!!! I've always loved the look of her bags.
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    Last edited: Oct 18, 2010
    It's scrunched up and empty, I literally (in my Rachael Zoe voice) just pulled it out of a box!


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  6. looks gorgeous! I've always wanted to feel a JD IRL, because I'm interested in maybe buying one. So you really like the quality and durability, OP?
  7. I'm curious about the durability too! I remember feeling one before and they're SOOO soft! I love lambskin on bags :heart:
  8. I didn't see one at my local TJM the other day, but then again, I wasn't looking. I think I'll go back and try to hunt one down to feel it. I've heard really good things about them, I like that they're good casual every day bags but go great with boutique/ dress wear, and they're really my style.
  9. The quality looks good and the leather is fabulous! The hw is nice as well, very substantial and it's a light pale gold. I'll have to chime in later about durability as this is my first JD bag purchase.

    I do have some JD Tina pouches and I've been carrying one of those since I bought them. The Tina is really roomy and has different compartments and is truly a gem! It's wearing beautfully and it's seriously the best pouch that I have! These pics do NOT do justice.

  10. I LOVE that bag! All those Zippers and Pockets are right up my alley! Good find!
  11. I only remember ever seeing 3 JD bags in my local TJMaxx. I've seen more in my local NR.
  12. Try NR as well.
  13. Thank you! :smile:
  14. I hate to ask this, but it may just be too early, NR?

    sorry I'm not putting it together, LOL
  15. Toni, that is amazing!! I've been itching to try a JD and now I see this!! What's a girl to do? Congrats!