1. Just wanted your thoughts on the new spring/summer jungle collection.. I really like it but wished the Speedy came in a 25!!

  2. Take a peek at this thread:

    Lots of info on this collection in the thread above.

    I think it's a pretty line and ended up going for the TP26. I think the bags are nice too, but I have a small bag collection, so I tend to stick to more traditional mono or DE items.
  3. Thanks for the thread... I'm like you and have a small collection of "safe" bags but only wished a speedy 25 was available!!!! 😒
  4. Just wanted to add that I had the same issues with the LTD speedy bags for the most part not coming in the 25 size so I stayed away from them. However I just got a speedy 30 and honestly its not too bad afterall. If you are willing to give it a try go for it, this print is so gorgeous.
  5. I was going to keep my collection classic but.....then I saw this beautiful speedy,the size is perfect and love the pink interior and zipper in the inside pouch which I think now is bigger,it fits my iPhone 6 Plus inside,also I noticed the zipper pull is all leather both sides,I think these are new good improvements ImageUploadedByPurseForum1460650156.517826.jpg
  6. I think a Speedy 25 would have been super cute in this design too!

  7. Me too!
  8. That bag looks awesome! However, I am a little disappointed that the pocket is so thin now that you can actually see what's inside of it, but that's nothing that any of us can change, so I still love LV!

    Congrats on your new purchase. It's beautiful. Enjoy it in good health!
  9. I went into the Boutique to look at the jungle speedy... I've got both 25 and 30 Speedy in the classic style and rearly use my 30. I feel it's too big and that's the only reason I came home without one. I also looked at the Neverfall but I'm not a tote gal. Would have loved a speedy 25 or even a Pochette!!!! This pattern is bothering me because I want what I can't get... Story of my life lol 😀😀😀