Jungle Neverfull or jungle onthego

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  1. anyone have these? I’m really really wanting one and of course I’ll never find them on the website. Anyone have an sa that gets their hands on them? I’d like one for my birthday in October!
  2. According to my SA, they've sold all the ones produced. Consider yourself lucky :lol:
  3. I heard they're gone too. They are on resale sites though. I still haven't used mine because I'm not sure about it!
  4. Oh, which one did you get?
  5. I o
    Ivoire NF.
  6. That’s the first one on my list!! Are you just unsure of the pattern?
  7. Yes, and I have no idea why. I think it's the not-Ivory side.... the pochette is so cute though.
  8. I need to find it! Lol I’ve reached out to 2 sa’s maybe they find one
  9. I hope you get it!
  10. I prefer Jungle Neverfull over OnTheGo. I'm a big fan of sac plat, and would love an alternative, but OnTheGo is too square imo. I wish the bag shape could be more vertical because it has slimming qualities. Big structured square bags just aren't my thing!
  11. I have yet to see either the NF or onthego jungle online. I too am looking for the NF. I did however find the double zip pouch, which I purchased. And about a week or so ago the jungle zippy wallet was available.

    I wish you good luck.
  12. It's really squared and HUGE! Looked ridiculous on me.
  13. Did you find it??
  14. No
  15. Boo! I checked my store but it's a no go. They never got one!