Jungle Neverfull or DE Duomo Hobo

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  1. I need another bag like a whole in the head - that being said I'm tempted by both, but am planning to limit myself to one because I really don't "need" another bag. Which would you choose and why.
  2. Jungle neverfull since it's a limited seasonal bag. You can always add the Duomo later.
  3. #3 Apr 4, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 4, 2016
    The Duomo has my vote since the NF is pretty loud and may look 'dated' more quickly as opposed to a plain canvas piece (is it something that you will still want to wear 2, 5, 10 years from now?)
  4. That's my concern - but my greater concern is that I have a red Kusama NF and green Kusama speedy and I wonder if I really need more dots:smile:
  5. In that case Duomo hobo would be a good choice.
  6. Umm, I'm pretty sure you have your bases covered regarding spots and dots. Definitely the Duomo then since it's spot-free, in the care-free DE canvas, is large but still exceptionally comfortable to wear, has a zippered top, fancypants hardware, and the interior has pockets so you actually have a running chance of finding your phone while it's still ringing or finding your house keys before your bladder busts (hey, we all know it's true!)
  7. Depends on how much you like the jungle print. If you love it then you should get despite owning LE pieces because this is really your only chance. If you don't LOVE it you should get the Duomo. Another alternative is to give me your Kusama NF. ...kidding but I really wish I had been into LV when that was for sale. Kusama and Aquarelle are my HG collections.
  8. I just bought the Duomo Hobo yesterday and I am in LVOE!! I vote Duomo hobo but of course, try it on and see how you feel about it. Good luck deciding and keep us posted please :smile:
  9. Considering that you have two Kusama pieces, I too vote for the Duomo... If you were to get a LE NF, I would totally vote for the Roses one... they are lovely!