Jungle neverfull in noir or ivory?

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jungle NF in noir or ivory?

  1. Noir

  2. Ivory

  1. #1 Aug 8, 2019
    Last edited: Aug 8, 2019
    1DF9C956-CE52-4E73-B213-1A0D9CB1688B.jpeg Hi ladies, here is my dilemma... I originally ordered the NF in ivory from the jungle collection but ever since I’ve been having second thoughts about it because of the beige interior, but because I’ve paid for it and noir wasn’t available in stock at the time, I thought I had no choice. Anyway fast forward to pick up day, they actually had a noir in stock and in the end I walked out with the noir one...

    But I’m still debating, my heart sang ivory when I first saw the collection online however I’m a v clumsy person in general and I’m just not sure with the beige interior (I think I probably won’t like the bag anymore if it gets dirty and will end up not using it after. I have thought about using a bag organizer but no because I like the slouchy look without) Whereas the caramel interior with the noir is very pretty and obviously noir is much more carefree and for that reason I own a lot of black bags already. Also I have a baby and toddler and I’ll be using this bag as a run around bag.

    So do I play safe or risk it and exchange it for the white one??? PLEASE HELP ME CHOOSE! :smile: thanks so much for reading and your inputs in advance xoxo
  2. I like the ivory. It appears to be a 'happier' colour and makes the bag look 'lighter'. I have the ivory jungle zippy coin purse and love it. Went in intending to buy the noir but it was just too dark for my taste. It's all a matter of personal preference.
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  3. Honestly, we can't help a lot, most of us consider both (hell the whole collection) ugly af as well as tacky and kitsch.
    From the least of two uglies, i would maybe get the ivoire, however i have absolutely no clue with what you would wear it, and honestly it would look like your toddler threw up on it :P
    No offense, I just can't like it
  4. I prefer the noir. Especially as a throwing around bag with a toddler. I imagine the ivory will get dirty very easily.
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  5. I would keep the noir. You will be too stressed about keeping the ivory clean to enjoy it. Also the noir is more appropriate for the upcoming fall and winter.
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  6. +1 for Noir.
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  7. I originally liked the noir but FoxyLV got one and it looks so clashing and obnoxious with everything she wears it with, so I think I'd now say ivory.
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  8. Where did you see her wearing it?
  9. On her instagram.
  10. Noir all the way
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  11. That is where I checked but didn’t see her with any outfits. I am interested in the noir but would not wear prints with it..
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  12. I went with the noir, as a fall bag. I tend to wear darker, solid colors in the fall/winter, so I think it will work well. :smile:
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  13. She's posted it in her stories, one must have been over the weekend because she was at some festival, and there was another later.
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  14. Yes I agree, the white appealed to me more at first sight but I’m trying to be practical at the same time thinking that it will get ditched if it ever gets dirty thanks for commenting though
  15. No offense taken, I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea and that’s why I prefer it more bc a “standard” nf is seen everywhere and I love leopard prints!
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