Jungle love-All the colours

  1. I thought it would be fun to see Jungle love in all the different colourways, as there are many! I love the pink one, plus the yellow, considering the turqouise but since it seems to be harder to find those than the other colours would love to see if anything else strikes me as a keeper.

    So please post all the tied or spread out across the table pics you have of your Jungle love :flowers:
  2. Here is the aqua colourway. Mr L bought it for me as a surprise but it's not really a colour that I wear so I ended up exchanging it for a red Champs de Courses :shame:

  3. Such an amazing design. Can't wait for pics.
  4. This is from Seton's post in the cashmere shawl thread, hope she doesn't mind, it's just so stunning:heart::

  5. So gorgeous Loony-sometimes it just doesn´t work out, so glad you exchanged it to something you love!

    Pola-Love that, must try to tie a scarf like that!!

    Anyone got the yellow colourway?
  6. I have it in black. I wear this scarf the most. It goes with soooo much
    IMG_2629.jpg IMG_3789.jpg
  7. Gorgeous!! The black is another cw I have been thinking about. Love it as a top Fleur!
  8. Gotta get orchids' attention to post here. She knows all about Jungle Love!

    I have a fuchsia Jungle Love cashmere on order. Will post when I receive it.
  9. bump for you MrsS...
  10. ^^ Thank you, Kellybag.

    YooHoo ..... orchids!!!!!!
  11. Great look FleurDelis! Do you mind sharing the specs on the gorgeous Kelly?

  12. Great thread, Nola! Have to say this scarf is really growing on me.
  13. LOL MrsS! You're too kind; I actually own one piece in Jungle Love and it's my beloved GM Cashmere which I had searched high and low for and found by chance at Bergdorf's in NY last year. I was so thrilled. It is in the beige colorway (shown here next to Tohu Bohu). It seems as if they may have re-issued some more this year as the one on the France website looks very similar if not the same to mine when you click on the close-up:


    It also comes in Indigo which is TDF--would love to get my hands on that one.


    The silk twills came in quite a few colors since it's been issued twice; first in 2000, then in 2007. Not sure what all the colorways are though--for 2007, orange, fuschia, yellow, turquoise, white, black are what I remember off the top of my head.
  14. That cashmere is divine (as well as the tohu bohu!), thank you for sharing Orchids.