**Jungle boogie**first and second JC**

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  1. Inspired by this sub-forum and Trés Chic's python Marin (and the -50% off), I've just acquired the Marin and the Mahala in Jungle. And yes, they are truly gorgeous:graucho:. I have been eyeing JC bags for some time now, but so far I have only gone for the shoes (I actually ordered the python shoes on sale to go with the clutch, but the heels were ugly + I have a beautiful pair of Sergio Rossi snakeskin sandals that will be perfect with the clutch). It was definitely the beautiful python skin that made me go ahead with the buy. The python paired with the matte gold hw is so glamorous...

    I'll post some pictures during the weekend. So long!
  2. WOW! Can't wait to see pics. of those gorgeous bags! :drool:

    I know a few other ladies on this forum who will probably hit their heads on their monitors to get a close-up view of that Jungle Mahala! You know who you are and you know I'm right! :roflmfao:

    Welcome to the wonderful world of Choo....enjoy your new bags! :tup:
  3. Hey Stinker - Ya talkin' bout me? :girlsigh:

    Polaremil - I am so happy for you. Those bags would make my life complete. :rolleyes: I bet they are every bit as beautiful as I imagine them to be. Enjoy your new python bags and yes, when you post the pictures, I promise to bonk my head on my monitor. :roflmfao:

  4. Congratulations on your Python beauties and welcome to the Choo club:flowers:

    Please post photos ASAP:drool:

    I PROMISE not to lick the monitor:graucho: