June's growing collection

  1. The family ~

    Black City ~

    Botkier ~

    LV Accessories ~

    LV ~

    My newest baby. This is an early anniversary present from my DH.:love:
    Many thanks to LVLover and VIPStyle for answering my questions about the Le Fab and helping me choose a color.


    Thank you for letting me share my collection.:flowers:
  2. you have a lovely collection!!! Love your LVs. You have very discriminating taste!
  3. pretty!!
  4. What a gorgeous family!! :heart:3
  5. What a gorgoeus mix of colours in your collection - I :heart: the red
  6. I love the color of your botkier bag..... i want one.. hehehe
  7. I love your lefab
  8. You have some great bags!
  9. I love the color of your Botkier!! So pretty!!:yes:
  10. Thank you all.:flowers:

    You should have seen the look on my DH's face when I had all the bags pulled out and ready to take the collection picture. :lol:
  11. Love the suhali Le fab, simply gorgeous !
  12. Lovely collection!!!!! Le Fab is TDF!
  13. Beauties!! :yes:

    Do they all do this??? (Mine did.)
  14. You are Very Welcome!!! I'm so happy for you and I LOVE THE BLUE!!! Enjoy that beautiful bag!
  15. Great collection!! Love the color of the Botkier