JUNE Purchases!

  1. So it's June 1st and I just made my 1st June purchase.
    I just won a lemon slice on eBay. YAY!:yahoo:

    This is going to be a big month due to the PCE.
    Enjoy your month of purchases.:yes:
  2. Cute! Wow these months are coming and going QUICK!
  3. Wow. You wasted no time, eh? Lol. Congrats. :biggrin:
  4. LOl - omg, i can actually post on this thread today! But at least it's not a bag for me - it's for my mom!

    My mother BADGERED me this morning looking for this bag...she found it on eBay, and I bought it for her...this will be her first "eBay bag"...I hope she likes it (she better - she picked it out, auction and all!)

    got it for $100...I wouldn't have paid that much personally, but she really really wanted it!

  5. ^^How sweet. I wish my mom would let me buy bags for her. :shrugs:
  6. Off to a "summery" start! I love the lemon slice. Congrats
  7. I love the lemon slice....and deweydrop, you are so sweet to spoil your mom with a new bag to start off the month!

    I ordered the skull charm (yesterday, I'm cheating!) from my local Coach store. The SA made a point of letting me know that it is huge, but absolutely adorable. I have yet to see it in person, but I can't see it being THAT big!
  8. It's big compared to the other Coach charms, but I wouldn't say it's "huge". I have one and love it. I think it's great.
  9. That lemon is gorgeous!
  10. I love the lemon slice - I use mine everyday for coins. The mini-sig is really cute.

    Good start - not even noon here yet on the 1st!
  11. My $25 (yes that's right $25 new with tag!) June 1st purchase--

    I borrowed the pics from EBay, I have the bag but I'm at work. I'll post actual pics tonight. :yahoo:
    077e_0.JPG 0806_0.JPG 0870_1.JPG
  12. One of my local outlets said they will be getting new merchandise in the middle of June so I'm waiting until then to see what they get. But that Carly keeps calling my name so that may be my next purchase. :graucho:
  13. $25 for a NWT Tote? Are you serious???? Details, details! Congrats BTW - awesome!
  14. ^^ true, that is an AWESOME DEAL!

    love everyone's purchases so far!! mine will be here soon :graucho: graberg, I was in the store yesterday and saw that huuuuge canvas/grass green tote and thought of you :p
  15. wow great purchases already and razorbackbelle, great deal (if it was in fact only $25 for a NWT tote)