June/July 2012 COACH buys!

  1. What a fantastic haul! It feels good to go a little crazy sometimes! lol
  2. Gunmetal Kristin Domed Satchel with Pierced Pave Op Art keyfob. The leather is soooooo soft!!! The Kristin was purchased from the outlet and the fob from the FP boutique.
  3. Here's my yummy sparkly new black Laila from the outlet also wearing the Pierced Pave Op Art keyfob.
  4. [​IMG]


  5. Pretty!!!
  6. Hailey patent orchid

    Kristin Round Satchel Baby Sage

    Kristin Domed Satchel Denim
  7. Denim Woven
  8. Gunmetal
  9. Pretty bags and scarf! Do you have the style number for the scarf? I saw it on the staging site but it didn't have a style#. Tia!
  10. Huh. It was on the site the other day but when I just looked it wasn't there anymore. I wonder where it went? Style# is 82764. If you call I'm sure they'll be able to find one somewhere for you.
  11. Thanks Mandy! :smile:
  12. Madison Zip Card Case

  13. Kristin Domed Satchel Champagne
  14. Fawn Laila and Spectator BS
  15. Here's another pic of aubergine gathered Lindsey and matching wallet. I feel like a proud mama showing off pics of the kids! I LOVE this sooooo much!!!