June 1 Thurs. Damier speedy..who will get one!

  1. who is going to be at LV thurs to get the long awaited Damier Speedy??
  2. I love the damier speedy.
  3. To bad i just bought a saleya pm.
  4. why too bad?? the saleya pm is a great looking bag too!!
  5. I am getting mine on elux but I do have my name at LV too:biggrin:
  6. Me!! :yes:
  7. *hopefully*
  8. I plan on it but didn't put my name down..
  9. mine won't get sent to me until friday, june 2nd =(
  10. I was going to but I got the Saleya PM instead. :biggrin: Both bags are great, I just wanted a little more structure and I can wear the Saleya on my shoulder if I need to. But I can't wait to see everyone's Speedy pics! :amuse:
  11. I actually don't own any Speedys, but my dear friend Leanne is sending me a vintage 25 to "test out" to see if I like the style. I'm also considering buying a Toledo Blue 25 - it's a great vibrant blue that I think will look great with jeans.

    What I reallllly want is the Damier Ellipse PM, which I was told is being released at the same time as the Damier Speedy. Can anyone confirm this?
  12. 0o00o how exciting!!!
  13. I'm waiting until I see whether it stays structured or sags like Mono ones do...
  14. Well...

    I don't know about June 1st. Probably a few days later. I just added myself to the wait list yesterday...and apparently it's pretty long. :huh: So.....eventually I'll have one.:rolleyes: Btw, I'm getting the 30. YAY! Even though I'll have to wait a bit longer...I'm sure it'll be worth it!:graucho:
  15. My 30 is paid for and waiting to come HOME:love: