Jumping Ship...to Chloe!!!

  1. Okay, not really but I have always loved the brand and feel that I can divert some funds from my Gucci stash to a Chloe! Now, I need help with what bag to buy...I love big bags( I am a true bag lady) but would like something that looks chic and is sturdy! Any ideas, Ladies( and Gents!)
  2. hmm the edith bowler or maybe the bay bag? or the betty
  3. welcome, you should get the famous paddy, maybe the large front pocket one, or a betty!!!
  4. ^^^ Yes the large front pocket would be a good choice!!! Its both big and beautiful...
    Luxurygal84 I love your avatar:yes:!!!!!
  5. Thanks for your comments... I am leaning towards a betty or a paddy..now I just have to find one for a good price...What can I expect to pay for each of these?
  6. Hi luxurygal84!

    I LOVE the front pocket paddy & Neiman's has a great one on sale (dark chocolate color)...but just to go out on a limb here...have you seen the new Kerala large satchels at Saks?

    They have a brown color & those charms are just the cutest :smile: It's definitely a large bag (13x20x6) & I think it's pretty cool!!!

    Just a suggestion...take pics & let us know what you decide to splurge on!
  7. I have seen the Kerala bag...it does look amazing but that just confused me more! When I decide, I will post pics of my great new bag!
  8. There are some large bettys on sale in sacoche at quite reasonable prices... The large ones are just over $700 and the medium ones with chain handles are a little over $800...:nuts::rolleyes:
  9. Mynew large Paddy capsule is to die for. I would recommend it but there aren't too many places to find one. Check out the pics I hopefullywill be posting this weekend. I want to wear my out but it is supposed to be my Christmas present from my husband. He will think it costs $600. LOLOLOL!!!!
  10. Maybe you can sneak it out and post a pic? I, for one, would looooooove to see it! :nuts: