Jumping July Hauls! Show us your goodies

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  1. Hello All.

    Old Chanel girl here!
    Show us your July Purchases. :smile:
    What did July bring to your closet?
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  2. My first Chanel. I never ever thought I would buy a Chanel but this is the perfect one for this mermaid. Seriously gaga!

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  3. My first flap in M/L :heart:

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  4. A red mini reissue. Am of two minds whether to keep it. But she is crazy cute.

    London Heathrow T3 shop.

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  5. cardholder and min reissue!!!

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  6. Espies:
  7. Mini Coco Handle! ❤️

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  8. Such a beautiful and fun shade on a Woc!! Congrats!!
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  9. You picked a beautiful first flap!! Perfect color and hardware!! Congrats!!
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  10. Of the mini's for this collection the red and beige are my favorites! Congrats on finding one, but if you're unsure it may not be the one:-s I always say "no regrets", they are too expensive to regret later. Best wishes on your final decision. But, if you keep it Congrats!!!
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  11. These two are very happy and fun pieces!! Congrats!! I just keep staring at your card holder:love:
  12. Love, love, love these!!! Congratulations on finding these cuties!!
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  13. So far the July reveals have been beautiful and fun!! Yours is no exception! Wow!!! Congrats on your mini Coco!!
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  14. You get me. Thank you! I have a red Céline and I don’t have many hand bags. I am jonesing for a taupe Chanel tho! :smile:
  15. Waiting to receive my 10th Chanel bag (should be the last since 10 feels like a complete number!)

    Super classic combo!

    I’ll post more when it arrives + the entire collection.


    Photo courtesy of my amazing SA in Dubai.
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