Jumping in and joining the club!

  1. My lovely husband surprised me with a Balenciaga for my 30th birthday. He picked it out on his own. He said he didn't specifically choose a Balenciaga, but he chose it for the color. I was totally shocked!
    Here I am with it after dropping my daughter off at school this morning:
  2. What a lovely, darling husband you have! Not to mention, he has great taste! Happy Birthday and congrats on the gorgeous twiggy. She looks right at home on your arm:smile:
  3. Congratulations, MK and Happy Birthday!!!!:flowers:

    What a wonderful husband you have (with fantastic taste!!) Your new Twiggy is beautiful and looks fabulous on you!

    Enjoy...and welcome to the bbag obsession!!!:graucho:
  4. What a great surprise! Congrats, your twiggy is beautiful! Welcome! :smile:
  5. Welcome and congrats! Your bag is beautiful - my favorite color this season!
  6. Welcome MK.. your husband has a very good taste.. rouille is my fav bag now.. I just love the color, so versatile...
  7. Congrats! It's a wonderful color on you!
  8. u're so lucky.. congrats :biggrin:
    my bf doesn't even know tha it's balenciag, he just called it the bag. but that is an advantage to me, then i don't have to worry on him telling me that it's too expensive for a bag :P
    oohhh... i really love ur bag
  9. Yay! Another Twiggy Rouille! It is gorgeous and looks fabulous on you! Congrats on the bag and a super sweet husband with great taste. Be sure to add it to the "Photo's wearing your Balenciagas" thread!

    I wish you well,

  10. Oh that is so nice! Congrats you look awesome with it!
  11. Very nice! What a thoughtful hubby! Happy Birthday!
  12. Wow ... I hadn't considered this color OR style before ... but now I just may go for it after seeing how wonderful it looks on you!! :smile:
  13. Woohoo! She's gorgeous and you look great together. You must be tiny, mine looked 1/4 of the size on me!

    Oh, and happy birthday!
  14. Beautiful!!! He could not have picked any better!!!

    This bag is the perfect color for you. It truly suits your hair/eyes/skin tones. It really boosts, your outfit.

    You and your Twiggy are looking great!! Welcome to the Club!
  15. Wow, what a terrific husband you have. Congratulations. That is a beautiful color.
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