"Jumping" - have I just bought a fake? :0(

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  1. Hello ladies! This is my first post and my first scarf.

    Can you please use your expertise to tell me if I've got a fake on my hands? I don't think the seller could have known - the other things on hand were nothing like this - but I made the mistake of looking up ALL the details too late (a little knowledge was not enough!).


    Some things look pretty good, and the box was rather old, so I don't know... According to the guides I read, the Hermes name looks all wrong (and I could not find any other C mark on the scarf, though I saw it on a photo of another one).

    And the tag says 'dry clean commercially' - only in English.

    Here are the photos - and thank you very much!!!

    (the texture in the photos doesn't look right - that's just the computer - it's smooth on the front and a little 'ribbed' on the back)

    Thanks again,
    scarf1.jpg scarf 2.jpg scarf 3.jpg scarf 4.jpg scarf 5.jpg
  2. Hi and welcome to tPF!:welcome:
    We actually have a thread in the Hermes Shopping Forum specifically for authenticity questions, it's the "Authenticate This! Hermes" thread at the top portion of that forum.
    Please repost there.
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