Jumping for June 2018 - Share your Louis Vuitton Purchases!

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  1. Sorry, couldn't think of a better title, but I can't wait to see your purchases :smile:
  2. Denim Shawl and Zoe wallet :smile:

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  4. That Zoe is cute, can you photo the inside? Is it like Rosalie and more of a coin purse? Thanks
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  5. Wow! You’re quick! Congrats on the shawl and Zoe. Both very pretty!! Can you post more info on the Zoe- size comparison etc. TIA
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  6. The Zoe is so cute! Congrats! Could you post more pics for us please?
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  7. It's more like a Victorine Wallet.
  8. Thanks so much :flowers:. Do you think the smooth leather outside can scratch easily?
  9. Thank you for your comparison picture with Rosalie. :smile:
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  10. The Zoe is so cute. Thanks for taking the time to share such detailed pics. Congrats on both items!
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  11. both so pretty:love: love the new Zoe wallet:heart: I want one so bad but not sure I need an 8th wallet
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  12. To start this month of June my new Vivienne enamel necklace (men's collection). I had donated the Vivienne palladium necklace to my husband last month, now it's my turn.
    LVviv1.JPG LVviv3.JPG LVviv4.JPG LVviv5.JPG LVviv6.JPG
  13. Lovely! I amazed it is smaller than the Rosalie.
  14. Thank you so much for the photos
  15. The Zoe wallet in Monogram Fuchsia - retails for $465.

    Also here is it next to my pocket organizer

    Also next to my multicartes

    Also, here’s a gem. A new Victorine (made in the US) in monogram with a gold button. Call the Nordstrom store in Seattle and ask for Samantha. I was tempted today