Jumping for joy...I bought the Vintage Toad!

  1. I am EXCITED! I bought the LV Crapaud (Toad) bag from the 2002 runway in the Spring/Summer Conte de Fees collection. Got it on eBay just now.

    The seller says it is a very rare bag made in the Asnieres factory just outside Paris and just a few of these bags were created for worldwide distribution. They are a very Limited Edition collection. The Monogram Vernis Leather is in a one time release dark green color and the Toad is accented with a yellow vernis flower and vache trim. I followed up with a phone call to the Assistant Manager at LV in Atlantic City to confirm the seller's statements and she said all is accurate and stated that the original retail on the bag was in the $800 or $900 range.

    I remember seeing an owl in someone elses collection on this forum and just thought it was the perfect piece to add to a collection. Well, he is jumping from Hawaii to New Jersey, but until he gets here I will post the sellers pics and then when he arrives I will post some more.

    What do you think of my prince?
    The Crapaud (Toad) Bag front.jpg
  2. i love that!! so cute and quirky. how awesome that your style can pull something like that off?! congratulations!
  3. Congrats - what a great find!
    Will it turn into a prince if you kiss it??? J/k
  4. Congrats, so cute! I love frogs!!!
  5. Congrats! I love this one!
  6. Wow, what a cool piece to add to your collection! Congrats on your little cutie!!
  7. cute
  8. Definitely a nice collection piece! I hope you wear it and have some fun!
  9. That is adorable!! I love the beautiful green color. Enjoy!
  10. what is the `size?
  11. OMG! That's so Qute! Congratz DesigningStyle! please show us pics when it does hop home to you :p . I'm curious to see the strap on it and how you wear it (long strap or wristlet style).
  12. that is a fabulous piece!

    I was looking for that exact item on eBay the other day, but after typing in "louis vuitton" + frog and "louis vuitton" + butterfly, and finding nothing, I gave up!


  13. Design are you planning on kissing that to see if it will turn to Prince Charming?. Come on now.. tell us the truth....;)

    Its a great bag.. I love it.. Congrats to you..
  14. Way cool, very Judith Leiberesque... but, in an LV way... I like it! Nice collectable, nice price!