jumping boots sizing

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  1. hi guys, i'm looking at purchasing the kelly jumping boots and wanted to know if they fit true to size, or if they run big or small and how much they stretch. i'm an 8.5 american size, can any of you that have the kelly boot give me some suggestion on what size i should get? thanks a bunch
  2. I had to go down a whole size. I´m normally a 38 but had to take a 37 in my Kelly boots.
  3. There are quite a few Kelly boot threads around and sizing has been discussed. Do a quick search and you can find the threads.
  4. thanks guys
  5. yes id say go down 1/2 size to be comfortable, or even a whole size.
    They are AMAZING, you will love them!
  6. since I use custom orthotics that have heels of about 1/2 inch and take up space throughout, I took my regular boot size!
  7. I was really worried about finding the right size. It depends on your foot. Mine is a bit wide, so I purchased my usual boot size and they are fine. I feel that the boots run a bit long (vs wide) so if you have a narrow foot, you will probably be able to size down a bit. The heel tends to slip (typical for riding boots) but lessens with wear.
    The boots are very fitted at the top of the knee. They can be stretched if you plan to wear them with jeans tucked in....
  8. FYI - I am US size 7, and bought 37, in my case they are true to size (even a little tight, and I have thin narrow feet, so I am glad I did not narrow down like everybody's suggested). I highly recommend you try them in the store. Not a single pair is made the same. Consider what type of socks you will be wearing with etc ... good luck, they are fabulous! :nuts:
  9. In my case they are also true to size, although when I first tried them on I thought that I needed to go down half a size. I'm glad I took my regular size though, because after wearing them a few times they started to fit perfectly (had I gone down in size I'm sure my small toes would have started to hurt, and I don't even have wide feet).
  10. Leather and toile were perfectly TTS - I only didn't buy because they were an unworkable colour.
  11. GREAT advice.......
  12. my advise is you better go to the store to try on. this is from my own experience. H boots, not just jumping boots, are very difficult to fit. as much as i love them, I am not happy with the way they fit. I learnt my lessons.

    Good luck with your choices.
  13. You also need to take into account your calf size too - they are 14.5" around the calf. Although some people have gotten them stretched.
  14. Hi! Do you think they can be stretched to a 16"5 around the calf?

    I am on Weight Watchers hoping to shed 25 pounds. Dont know what such weight loss would do to my calves.... If I waitm these boots could be my "weight loss" gift from me to me... :graucho: