Jumo question

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  1. Hey chanel owners!

    I have the classic jumbo lambskin and i saw a picture of lauren conrad. She wears her jumbo one chain and the leight is to her hip. My jumbo when i take it one chain she goes to my leg. And im the same height like lauren. So are there different chain leights? Or exists different jumbos? Im 5'6 and 110lbs.
    Should ill also get the medium double flap?
    I'm not sure that the medium is to small for me. Im not carry a lot of stuff with me. My jumbo is not full with my moneypurse, cellphone, keys, lipsticks.

  2. I'm not sure if theres different lengths, but I do shorten my chain by tying the chain up on the inside with my hair tie when I feel like wearing my maxi's at different lengths.
  3. I know that some people get the chain shorten professionally
  4. She must have adjusted the length of the chain. I always do it with a key chain loop, you can adjust the length with it to any length you want. I'm short, so I have to do it if I want to wear mine one chain, :biggrin:
  5. Thx. But lauren conrad have the jumbo. I think she has also a medium in black or what do you think??