Jumbos with glazed lambskin and 'new' chain?

  1. Hi there, Chanel ladies, do any of you have any ideas on how these look IRL? I just called Damian at Saks and he told me that they will be getting jumbos with glazed lambskin and with a new chain (not bijoux) but not the 'classic' one with the interwoven leather..he mentioned that the new chain looks like the 'walk of fame/ hall of fame' bag...I did a search on here but could not find any pics...would anyone be able to shed some light?

    thanks a lot! :tup:
  2. omg they will have the new lambskin? glazed lambskin with new chain? i thought its the one on the lookbook? the one that has the pink rose color? please ladiess post some info or pic, btw what color will they have for jumbo glazed lambskin? *curiously wondering*
  3. Here's a pick of the east/west version in pink. They also ordered it in navy.
    Pink EW SS2008.jpg
  4. ^^ I got those pics too but Damian said that the chains will be different so I'm a bit confused now...he also said he does not have those pics yet for the jumbos they're getting, I'm waitng for an off white jumbo. I think...
  5. Mon, that E/W is gorgeous :love:. Wonder how the navy looks like :graucho:?
  6. if u want, PM me and I will send u the pics, not sure if I should post his pics here.
  7. wow its pretty but i wonder how the glazed lambskin holds up? i love how lambskin looks, but its durability is a no no.
  8. I saw the pics of the pink and navy and they were very cute. I would only get the e-w for "going out" as it is not big enough to carry what I need to carry everyday.
  9. Did you compare the chain in the pictures that Damian sent you of the jumbo's to the chain in the picture he sent me of the e/w?
  10. [​IMG]
  11. Oh!! I'm in love with these 2 bags you posted.
  12. lovely!!!!!!
  13. what color Jumbo's is he getting?
  14. thanks for the pics, love those bags!
  15. Is the new bijou chain just rounder but not flat as the old one?