jumbo white caviar w. silver hardware?

  1. whats the price of a jumbo white caviar chane bag with silver hardware?
    anyone rem?
  2. I believe it's $1595.
  3. I think its $1695. The Calfskin is $1795

  4. so its either 1595 or 1695 LOL
  5. Yeah like $100 makes a difference when your spending that much! LOL
  6. actually it does, because im looking at one on ebay for 1595, but rather get it from a boutique if thats the retail, if its 1695+ then Id buy the ebay one and save the $100.00 for something else. Every liittle bit counts.
  7. I think Selena is right... I went looking through some old threads and someone else posted that the Jumbo was $1695 in the caviar...
  8. i think that's what I just bought a few days ago and it was 1595.
  9. ^^ Then maybe I am right? lol. I think your best bet might be to call a Chanel boutique and ask...
  10. The the info I have, the med caviar is 1495, The large is 1595, and the jumbo is 1650. The large and jumbo are very different in size, while the med and large are not, only about an inch. Hope this helps.
  11. I'd give Chanel a call. Call the NYC store and ask for Branden at 212-355-5050. He's very nice and helpful!
  12. Hmmm...I thought the classic flap bag came in three sizes.
    Small 9" x 5" x 2"
    Medium 10" x 6" X 2.5"
    Jumbo 12" x 8" x 3"

    Is there a size between the medium and jumbo? If so what are the measurements? TIA.
  13. I think Layla is right- I think that people started calling the Jumbo "large" but they are the same bag.
  14. There are four sizes. The Jumbo is the largest. I have the jumbo in white with silver. I'll check my receipt tonight but it was more than $1695.

  15. Jumbo and Large are two different sizes. Many People including SAs refer to the large as jumbo. Dont know why! The Jumbo is more like 13.5 across.