jumbo w/shw and reissue 227 w/ghw always available?

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  1. I plan to buy either jumbo black caviar w/SHW or reissue 227 matte black w/GHW .Will they always be available? I'll go to italy in november.I think they both are classic,right? So i won't make myslf wrong with any,right? what is you guys opinion? I want the bag that lasts long and won't out for any ages.TIA:P
  2. Yes, they are both from the classic linge, but Chanel is putting double flap on Jumbo/Maxi as of Nov 1, so if you were planning to get the current Jumbo with single flap, you should probably get it before Nov 1. Also, the price will rise from $3.5K to $3.7K.

    As for the reissue, the style remains the same, and the price as well so far. But I remember hearing about another price increase before the end of year though I'm not certain.
  3. is this true? i have gone in to the melbourne store today, and was advised by the SAs that they haven't heard of such thing up until today. im looking to get the classic jumbo in caviar but was planning to purchase it only sometime in january as i'll be travelling. will the single flap be discontinued?please advise.thanks.
  4. yep, on jumbo's and maxi's they will have double flap.
  5. Although they are both permanent lines; they are not always available in the stores. You will be surprised these bags are really popular and often out of stock! My counsin is having a hard time tracking down the black reissue in London & Spain during July & September respectively. Hope you are lucky when u r in Italy!
  6. kewave >>wow,i just knew it.so i'll score it at first sight my eyes catch ;D thanks
    tooshies>> thanks a lot
  7. i am planning to get a jumbo this month too, but since the new jumbo/Maxi comes with double flap....... should i wait for the new double flap ones? what's the purpose of the double flap? TIA
  8. to my recent experienced, jumbo with single flap is best for daily usage.
  9. The Jumbo will have a double flap soon...

    I also heard a story about Chanel will produce less reissue flap now...

    All this rumors...and also heard of another price increase in Nov so u might wanna check closely if they will increase the price before your trip or not. But at least u can get tax refund in Italy.

    U can't go wrong with either of them but I personally love reissue flap more than classic flap myself. The reissue flap price is a bit higer than classic flap. The price is insane for both now and it can only go up and up... GL!