Jumbo v Medium Classic Flap

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    is too small but the jumbo looks weird

    Looking to the experts here - pros & cons of the jumbo v the medium? I'm 5'3" and am a size 10P and wonder if the Jumbo is too big for me. My SA at Saks said I may not like the length of the chain on the jumbo (too long?). I have a Chanel bag from 2004 that is close to the size of the medium flap - so I'm trying to be practical!?! thanks ladies!

    This is going to be my first Chanel. Either both sizes, I would hardly carry because I'm a full time mother (my elder kid is 4 yrs and the younger is 18 mths old) mostly staying at home. I only go out for shopping or dining once in a week.

    My dilemma is that Jumbo is slightly too big but on the other hand Medium/Large is too small which can only fit limited stuff.

    I'm tall 5'7" and skinny. Most of my bags are of bigger size. The smallest I own is LV Papillon 25.

    Can anybody post the pictures you or celebrity carrying Flap Jumbo or Medium please.

    Opinion is highly appreciated. Thanks

    I'm planning on getting my first Chanel but not exactly willing to buy it at a brand new price. So I took a look around and found two options that are around the same price. the vintage large jumbo and the more recent 25cm classic flap (medium i think? i'm not too sure because i'm new to chanel) in lambskin. Both are around the same price range and now I just don't know which to choose. I know it's probably a matter of personal preference but I would love to hear your thoughts/opinions about it. TIA!
  2. I don't think the Jumbo looks weird at all. If you plan on carrying a lot of stuff and using it on a daily basis, the Jumbo will hold a lot more than the medium. Plus, I don't really like the double flap of the medium. It's another step to getting access to your bag.
  3. I have a jumbo and it is one of my smaller bags!
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  4. Honestly, I have the medium, and very little fits in it. I really consider it more of an evening bag. I'd go for the jumbo if you want to use it as an everyday bag.

    Will you be somewhere you can try them on, and try to fit your "stuff" in them?
  5. I like both, and I own a jumbo. I find the medium can only fit the bare essentials and it looks more dainty than the jumbo. The jumbo fits a LOT and is great for everyday use. The proportions of the jumbo give it a much more casual look. Does that help??
  6. If you feel medium is small already, then I think Jumbo is your best bet. You can get a lot of use out of it.
  7. :drool: Geez.....
    I want a Jumbo!
  8. Ditto! Jumbo all the way!
  9. Totally agree. Go with the jumbo, it's not too big at all.
  10. I am 5'2 and the jumbo is a perfect fit! I had the medium flap and found that I had to stuff it in order to fit all of my items in. I gave that to my mom and marched right down Chanel and bought a jumbo. Now, when I compare the two bags side by side, the medium looks like an evening bag to me; it's WAY too small. :smile:
  11. i always thought the jumbo was a little too crazy large, but after seeing a whole shelf of them at the boutique, i think they're the perfect size. it's not really as in-your-face-large as i thought it'd be. in fact i thought it was a nice middleground between those tiny purses and a large hobo-style bag. the medium seems too tiny to really fit much whereas the jumbo looks like proper bag that could fit in everything that one would need. so i vote for the jumbo.
  12. I'd get the Jumbo. It's not too big. In fact, I don't think it's big enough to be called a Jumbo! They need to make a larger than Jumbo size.
  13. Another vote for the jumbo! I agree with all the above posts! I have a jumbo and it holds my wallet, cosmetic bag, cell phone and checkbook holder.
  14. jumbo
  15. I also have the medium, and I can't put too much stuff in it. Although, I love the bag, the jumbo would be more practical.