Jumbo too big on small people??

  1. I got a Jumbo recently off eBay and I was wondering if its too big for small people?? I'm about 5 1' but plan to wear heels with the bag.

    I love the big chanel bag look though :drool: I find it more casual then say a medium which can look a bit dressy.

    Waht is your opinion on Jumbo's?? :idea:
  2. I'm 5'1 and I thought the jumbo was too big for me. Medium seems just perfect.
  3. I think it depends on what you like. I personally love big bags on everyone, even petite gals. I am 5'4" and size 2 and I wear my jumbo all the time.
  4. it looks awkward-huge on me! i'm 5' 100 lbs. medium looks much more flattering on me. i decided if i need a big bag, it'll be a tote.
  5. i'm about 5'6, sz 0/2, and when i first started buying flaps i thought jumbo was too big, but recently starting to love the jumbo in blk caviar. outside my coat, it is a perfect size.
  6. It depends on the person. I saw a girl recently who had a jumbo and she couldn't have been more than around 5 feet tall and all of 90 lbs. It just overpowered her completely.

    It is a personal preference and I think some people can pull it off better than others, but I don't think it automatically looks good on everyone.
  7. I'm 5'2, size 0-2 and love my white jumbo :smile:
    I think the size of a bag is personal preference.
  8. I just surrendered by jumbo crackled patent because it looked huge on me. I just thought for big bags I willbu a tote.. but for flaps the med looks perfecton me.=)
  9. to me, my size has nuttin to do with size of bags i carry! my jumbo is perfect for me, and my vinyl Cabas, which looks like i am carrying a black patent volkswagon, looks great too! i am 5'1 and 106...size 2
    have always loved big bags on every woman............small bags make me think of going to church or a tea party....while wearing white gloves! lol
    (except for my baby animal flap......'cause its so whimsical)
  10. I think it's a matter of preference. I love the medium sized bags--they are so elegant and beautiful, but they're small for day use.

    I thought the jumbo size was big on me at first, (I'm 5'4 and size two) but I love how much stuff I can fit inside!!! I have gotten used to the large size, and I love it. I think ideally it's great to have both medium and jumbo-sized bags for different uses! :graucho:
  11. i think if you like big bags, the jumbo would be fine. however, if you are concerned about the bag being too big for you, then it doesn't seem like big bags are your thing. personally, i think it really overpowers me and i'm 5'2 (barely).
  12. I think it's fine :smile:
    I'm 5'3" btw
  13. im 5'1" as well, and i would nevr buy a jumbo for myself!LOL!!
    i acutally like the look, but when i tried it on, it such the biggest turn off ever!huahaha...well thats just for me though..
    but i see MK could pull it off, and i believe she isnt that big too..

    i agree w/ the other, it's a preference anyway..:smile: good luck!
  14. I recently tried on a Red Caviar Jumbo in the new chain, I'm 5'2", it looked like a red postman's delivery bag on me!
  15. lol thanks for the responses guys :biggrin:! I like big bags and I just think with the amount of stuff I carry the medium wont be able to fit everything! I noticed MK and Nicole ritchie have sported jumbo's and they are a similar size to me but they are celebs so it may not be the same! If you guys have pics of you and ur jumbo's pls post and state your height :biggrin: