Jumbo size of rainbow colours...


Dec 2, 2009
I am trying to collect all the 7 colours (rainbow colour) in jumbo size. I have red, yellowish beige, orange-shade salmon and purple. So I am still short of 3 colours, i.e GREEN, BLUE and INDIGO, which I am going to replace with pink.

So if anyone seen any jumbo caviar in GREEN, BLUE and PINK, please let me know! I am super in love with the coblat blue. Please help me complete my collection. I can't wait....:yahoo:


Dec 27, 2008
What a cute idea!

Pink caviar flaps always pop up on ebay if you're interested in pre-owned. But how about a purple instead? I read in another thread that there will be a purple for Spring 2010 Act 1. I hope it's the purple of my dreams...

I'm hoping to score a bleu roi caviar jumbo as well. I had one but passed on it to a friend bc I was debating between that & the '09A bleu fonce with GH. There are a few on ebay if you really want it. I think I can live without it if the perfect purple comes out.