Jumbo Reissue??? Help!

  1. Is it possible to find a black Jumbo Reissue?
    I live in Toronto, Canada..
    Does anyone know how long the wait list is?
    Maybe I should just get the jumbo classic in caviar?? ugh...
  2. i'm still looking for it, anyone know?
  3. You mean 227 or 228?

    If 228, there're some in US, but you have to call around or may be you might want to wait for the S/S.

    Good luck.
  4. If you are willing to buy from the US, you can call one of the Neiman Marcus stores and ask to speak to someone in Chanel. (Click on "store locations and events" at the bottom of the web page for phone numbers.) They can look and see where the re-issues are--if there are any available. They can ship it to you--you'll pay duty and taxes, but at least our dollar is doing well!
  5. If you mean 228, one of my friends just returned black metallic 228 to Bloomie NY last Thursday. The bag will get back to them in a few days, since she returned it in another state. Good luck
  6. Try NM in Palo Alto, CA or NM in San Francisco, CA, they both had the Jumbo yesterday.
  7. Any others sightings? Help?