Jumbo Reissue Availability?

  1. just wondering how difficult it is to get a 228 reissue?

    i went into the chanel boutique last week and the two sa's didn't even know what i was talking about when i had asked for this size. one said that it was only made for the anniversay limited editions last year.

    i then called a few days later and spoke with another sa,i think it was the assistant manager, and she didn't know what i was talking about either:wtf: i explained to her that they sell it in the mainland and even gave her dimensions, but she was totally clueless and told me they don't produce reissues larger than the 227. anyhow, turns out that the chanel here in honolulu never ordered this size. i'm totally surprised since it seems to be very popular.

    can anyone tell me if i need to get on a waiting list, or if these are easily available at department stores or boutiques? thanks a bunch!
  2. The best advice is to call chanel 800#, as size 228 (xlarge reissue) as well as all the reissue sizes in leather are order in small quantities.
  3. you could try calling NM / Saks / Nordies if you'd like. they definitely would know what you're talking about since some tpfers have gotten theirs. no worries about that, give it a shot and see how it goes! good luck! ;)