Jumbo Red ???

  1. Who has it and still loves it or do people only consider it a collectable and don't wear it ?
  2. I use and LOVE mine, its such a cheerful n' pretty bag!!!!
  3. Same here!
  4. love, love, love mine!
  5. I love it, one of my favs and I wear it.:yes:
  6. love it and plan to use it more often.
  7. I have one, I love it. Its quite a showbag and apparently VERY limited. I wore it to Short Hills mall and had about 5 SA's ask to touch it lol. They said they had never actually seen one and told me to take good care of it because it was so "special".
  8. I have one but have not wore it yet....not bcuz don't love it.....just gave sooooo many bags to rotate.

    I can't wait to break it out though
  9. One thing I notice is that the new chain lays flat and does not dig into the shoulders at all. I love the new chain strap.
  10. love my red flap!
  11. you are all so lucky!

    If I could find one it would be a dream come true!
  12. me too!!!
  13. I LOVE mine to death and do wear it. I was about to give up on flaps altogether till I got this one (all the other flaps I've owned either never made it out of the dust bag, or been carried once before I decided I was not a flap girl at all)...but something about the '07 Red Jumbo just clicked with me.

    The caviar leather is extremely low-maintenance, the jumbo size fits a ton, and the new Bijoux chains not only are comfortable but are also the perfect contrast to that shade of red. Can't rave enough about that bag! Personally I can't do lambskin flaps and am getting tired of constantly having to "baby" my bags, but with this caviar flap, it doesn't even show wear and is just the perfect worry-free flap I need.

    I too did not realize how limited edition this piece truly is. Back when it was first released, I had debated whether to get it as I was dreaming of a '05 Red Jumbo possibly one day popping up on eBay. Well I gave up on that unrealistic dream and with the help of a super PFer, tracked down this bag and the rest is history. Every time I wear it out people ask where they can get it, when it was released, etc.; at Chanel stores I always get people coming up & asking if the bag I have on is a display bag I'm trying on (in which case they want to buy it right away) or my own....and SA's say that's the bag they still get constant inquiries about (but it's long sold-out).
  14. I love mine and wear it fairly often, probably even more this fall!
  15. Wow guys thanks for all the info :smile: