Jumbo Patent Leather Classic Flaps?

  1. Has anyone seen any around lately? (silver hardware, not the 2.55 style) I called a few stores today, and an SA in NY told me that he didn't see any left at all in the boutiques. He told me to check the dept stores. I don't have any stores that sell Chanel near me that I can pop in to during the week, so if anyone has seen one I'd love to know. Thanks! ;)
  2. In black- sorry, thought I said that :shame:
  3. Ooh...that's going to be REALLY tough to find.
  4. I just picked up a blush jumbo patent leather classic today from the Boca Raton NM store (I bought it Friday). I don't remember if they had any other colors, but check with Sabrina at 561.417.5151. I know they had a brown lambkin jumbo.
  5. oh, i was so excited to post, but then i saw you were looking for black. :sad:
    sorry that it doesn't really help, but i saw a navy patent bag last week at the chanel boutique in south coast plaza...
  6. Thanks, girls. Looks like I have a challenge! :yes: