Jumbo or Large Black Lambskin Classic with G/H

  1. Hi girlies :idea:

    I was wanting your opinions on whether to get the jumbo or the large in a black quilted lambskin classic flap with g/h..........

    It would be for both day and night use (more day though) and it'll be dressed down more than up.

    Also, if I could ask, how are you rating the black deerskin bowlers ? Are you still loving them and do you think the style will stay right up there ?

    Thank you all so much for any advise your able to give :heart:
  2. I would get the jumbo if its for night and day..it can fit so much!

    I wasnt a fan of the deerskin bowlers I have to admit, but when I saw a lady carrying one a few weeks ago it totally changed my mind..they look great too but at a push I prefer the classic flap style.
  3. I would definitely get the jumbo! it's the perfect size for day and night.

    As for the bowler, I find it a really awkward bag to carry on the shoulder, so you can only pretty much hold it or dangle it on your arm, so it's not as versatile. Although it is absolutely gorgeous, especially the metallics!
  4. Definitely the jumbo.
  5. Get both! I just bought the jumbo for day but I would like to get a small for evening as well!
  6. Jumbo. It is not too big for everyday use.
  7. I already have the bowler in deerskin (black) but haven't had the chance to use it yet so I was just wanting everyone's take on it.

    As for the classic flap, I don't think Sydney have any in store which is why it's hard to compare between the large and jumbo.

    Thank you so much for your replies :heart:
  8. Do a search for miss alice, she recently bought both sizes and posted pictures. She looks gorgeous with both bags!
  9. Cool, thanks for that :smile:
  10. I only have two jumbos but I have several large classics because I use the jumbos only as a day time bag. The large classics for me go easily day to night (they fit all I need). The only time I take my jumbos out in the evening is if I know I am not going anywhere that it is crowded. The jumbos are too big for a crowded bar because (1) I don't like being stabbed in the side/back by someone's purse and so respect others in the same way & (2) for fear of getting the larger purse scratched or ruined (others drinks spilling on it). I get much more use out of my large classics (including my black lambskin with gold hw). They go from day to evening (crowded bars & restaurants) and I wear them single chain cross body style. So I guess the answer would be in what you want to use it for and where you plan to use it.
  11. I have the jumbo in caviar and I love it. It's an awesome everyday bag.
  12. I have the jumbo in caviar and the black deerskin bowler. They both get a lot of use although I am a tad more partial to the bowler since it holds more and looks so classy and stylish. I can fit it on my shoulder easily and it is comfortable due to the leather being soft and mallable.

    The jumbo holds everything I need but won't fit my hard sunglasses case which the bowler will.