Jumbo Necklace

  1. What do you ladies think of the jumbo necklace? I used to have one in the bracelet and it just keeps falling off my wrist (keeps unhooking), is the necklace better?
  2. Nope, keeps falling off my neck, too. I have to be careful.
  3. Oh drat!!! I guess I won't be buying that, I liked the hooks too.
  4. The leather sticks to my neck and leaves black marks... Kinda annoying.
  5. It left BLACK MARKS?!:wtf: The color rubs off??? Ick, that's so NOT good!
  6. You're telling me. I cleaned my skin off like it was a pan that evening. I should add this was with the black leather. It did stop gradually, so it might be because of a top coat or something.
  7. I guess I should cross that off my list then. I was thinking of getting a black jumbo necklace with gold hardware too ...
  8. Perja, you should complain, that is just not right. This kind of leather should not soil your skin.

    I have the bracelet in black in the small size and love it. It fits my arm perfectly and doesn't stain at all. I just ordered the necklace too.
  9. Kou, hold that tought. I'll do what hello said and report back. :flowers:
  10. Okidok!! Let me know~~ I need some gold jewelries:yes:
  11. Necklace?? What necklace? There's a necklace. OH God, this has GOT to stop!!
  12. Not only one Tracy, but several! All lovely!:heart: :heart: :heart:
  13. Any Pictures?
  14. You can see some on the Hermes website under "surprise" or "surprises". The French and US website have different items.
  15. Thanks, I Will Take A Look. Danke, Danke.