Jumbo Navy Patent Classic Flap?

  1. Hi! I'm visiting from the MJ forum but I've been lurking in the Chanel forum for awhile now. :smile: Yesterday, when I was in an MJ boutique, I spotted a woman wearing THE most gorgeous patent navy flap bag with the double-C closure in gold. I think it was the jumbo navy patent classic flap? The edges looked a little more squared off than the photos I've seen of the jumbo navy, so I'm not totally sure.

    Anyway, I have a few questions. Does anyone know of the best place where I can still buy this bag? I was thinking a Chanel boutique, but then I realized that maybe I can get a discount at department stores (for opening up a credit card or something).

    Also, I was trying to figure out from the forum - were navy patent classic flap (NOT reissue) bags released in both crackled AND regular patent last season? It seems from the threads that I should get the crackled if possible since it's more durable/shows fingerprints less. If the navy patent classic flap was released in both types of patent leather, would the crackled cost more?

    Finally, this (hopefully) be my first Chanel! :nuts: For the longest time, I had wanted to buy a 2.55 in black lambskin with silver hardware, but then I realized that I don't really want it enough to justify the price at this point in my life (I'm only 25, I still look really young, and I love miniskirts, bright clothing and shiny bags :roflmfao:). Would this be a purchase that I would regret, assuming that it's the only Chanel I would ever own, or would I be able to use this for many years? While I'm looking for something striking and a little unusual, I do want a bag that will be timeless and versatile as well.

    Thanks for all your advice!
  2. I am not sure about many of your questions, but I just wanted to say that I have a navy patent jumbo flap with silver hardware and I love it. I think it is just a beautiful color and very classic. Hope you getter answers from some of the others!
  3. I have to agree with leem on this one. I also have the Navy Patent Jumbo flap with silver hardware and I love it.

    Mine is not the crackled, and I'm guessing if it were, it would cost more.

    Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought the crackled patent was only done in the reissue, not the classic.

    When I was at NM they had classic and reissues. The reissues were all in crackle, and the classic's were smooth. I never really asked because I wanted the classic.
  4. Thanks, leem and piperlu! That makes sense then, about the reissue being the only navy patent bag having the crackled patent. But do you guys find that the patent scratches/peels easily? I had found some references to that, but am not sure. Thanks!
  5. I have only had mine for about a month, but so far so good.
  6. I haven't carried mine yet, but I do have a crackled and it is doing great!