Jumbo Navy Patent Available!!!!!

  1. pls call my SA at Nordie Topanga asap if you want this htf bag. she just called me but i already own one. Her name is Loan Phan and her store number is 818 884 7900. she's in the chanel boutique. be sure to ask for her as it is in her hold under my name (Larkie). Good luck!!!!

    it is 2395usd. i believe nordie ships for free.
  2. any reason why its still 2395 and not 2650? O_O
  3. i don't think the jumbo patent saw an increase at the last bump. but anyway, i believe this bag has already been taken!
  4. arrrrrrgh!!!!! i just missed this thread!!!! :sad:
  5. Sigh ............ I never have the luck! :crybaby::crybaby:
  6. Who's the lucky tPF'er who scored this bag? I caught the thread just a few minutes after it posted and realized I have enough bags, so put the phone down.

    The navy patent Jumbo is TDF... congrats to the new owner!
  7. I hope a pfer got this one....thanks for posting it!
  8. Y not me?!?!??!!? :crybaby::crybaby:
  9. is there any way to still get this bag? or is it pretty much hopeless??:sad: