Jumbo Mumbo is celebrating Christmas with me!


Aug 21, 2006
I FINALLY made up my mind on the JUMBO Classic Caviar flap in black with silver hardware and was awaiting delivery before Christmas! GUESS what, it arrived TODAY. I was so eager to rip it out of the box and share it with you ladies. I know I promised one of the PFers to give a comparison between the number of things this Jumbo could hold versus the GST. I will do that tonight and repost it here. Overall I am excited that I got the jumbo versus the medium/large. Definitely it holds more than I anticipated to.

HO HO HO everyone!!!


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Wow, that looks bigger than my dark brown Jumbo!

Congrats, it is so pretty. My GST will hold the Chanel sunglasses hard case as well as my cell phone case. The Jumbo will not hold either.