Jumbo Matte Caviar Flap - easy to find?

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  1. I was searching the Chanel reference library and found a lovley pic of a Jumbo matte Caviar Flap...I really liked the look of the leather, rather than the typical shiny. Is this still available in matte? Do the other size flaps come this way as well? Sorry if the answer may be somewhere out there...I did a search and didn't find anything that really matched. TIA!:shrugs:
  2. I just saw one at Neiman Marcus B.H. Ca. But it's really soft.

  3. Soft as in scratch-prone or soft as in smooshy? :shame:
  4. ^soft as in smooshy! My bag is the washed (matte) caviar and I just love the feeling of it!
  5. I've seen the matte caviar flap IRL (not the washed ones, just a regular flap with matte caviar) and I didn't think the leather was softer or smooshier compared to the shiny caviar bags. The only difference is the finish is matte.

    I've seen the matte flaps in the Saks in Greenwich, CT. Good luck!