Jumbo logo

  1. Did you guys see the website this week? They have added some new things. There is jumbo d&b and some canvas. There is also the donegal.
  2. I don't like huge logos. A medium sized striped canvas bag would be cool for summer though.
  3. Ok, I just checked the site out. When you said jumbo DB I thought ugh is it going to be bold colors? I don't know why I was thinking about the "doodle pattern". I like the jumbo DB. I like that the colors are soft and muted tone.

    The striped canvas is alright.
  4. I really like the jumbo DB. I want a medium or large sac, but I can't decide among the jumbo DB, madras, or zebra. I really want the zebra, but it's a good bit more expensive than the other two.......

    Decisions, decisions!
  5. I like all of the choices you mentioned. If I had to pick one I would get the jumbo DB. The other two are on the trendy side for the amount of money.
  6. love it.
  7. It's okay. Not a personal choice though. Reminds metoo much of the Juicy crown stuff.
  8. I like the Jumbo logo, but none of the other new things.
  9. I dont mind it but i dont love it.
  10. I thought the exact same thing...
  11. [​IMG]

  12. I love both:yahoo:
  13. I like the sac with the large DB graphic, and I'd love to have the one trimmed in red, but I'm not as turned on by large logo tiled sac. I DO, however, want one of the nylon totes. They come in such pretty colors! Although, for the same amount of money (or less) as the nylon tote I can get something much more colorful from LeSportsac. I'm going on a looooooooooooooooong road trip in a few months, and I need a good multi-purpose bag that can double as a tote and a purse, is waterproof, can be folded, etc.
  14. I was thinking the same thing. Either a dooney nylon or lesportsac for travel. I'd like to see the dooney in person but they look pretty nice.