Jumbo Lambskin arrived

  1. My jumbo lambskin in gold hardware just arrived from NM. I'm so happy I've been looking for this size for a very long time.
    DSC04371.JPG DSC04365.JPG
  2. what a pretty bag, congrats!
  3. i want a jumbo someday when i'm done with this residency and make real $$
  4. thanks lola24 & cjen. i rarely post photos but i'm very excited to finally have this bag. so hard to contain myself. :yahoo:
  5. gorgeous, congrats!
  6. It is beautiful. I would love the jumbo in black lambskin. I have only seen it in medium/large. Congratulations!!
  7. Congrats, It's gorgeous.
  8. congrats on the lovely bag!
  9. congrats!!! it's pretty :smile:


  10. Pretty bag.
  11. i love it! congratulations! the leather looks soo smooth
  12. Oh my gosh, it's so beautiful! I got it in caviar, but now I want to exchange it for lambskin! Congrats!
  13. Thanks to everyone. It is lovely in person.
  14. I love the lambskin jumbos, congrats!
  15. That's really pretty!