Jumbo Jersey

  1. Hi there! need your opinion about the Jumbo Jersey....Would this be a good buy for my first Chanel Bag? any pros and cons please?
  2. I love the Jumbo size and for me it was the perfect bag size for everyday. However, in Jersey I feel you might regret not enjoying the feel of a Chanel leather first before venturing out into jersey, tweeds, denims other Chanel textiles.
  3. Thanks for the reply...what about the medium flap as opposed to the Jumbo? Will the medium flap be too small for me or is it a good starter size of a bag?
  4. No problem. Why don't you post what you usually carry for us girls and then that'll help us know what kind of a size bag you need :biggrin:
  5. THe bags that I use most of the time are the following:

    LV Speedy 25 monogram
    LV White/Off white Epi Lockit
    Gucci Hobo bag Black
    Another big Gucci black bag
    LV Marelle clutch/belt bag (monogram)
    LV Epi Pouchette (black)
    Pouchette type of burberry monogram
    YSL handbag the one with the horn handle...(brown)

    Not much color in my bag collection and I only have a few...really want to add some Chanel into it. I am really considering collecting different coors of Chanel bag in different sizes.... Since its going to be my first chanel bag really not sure what size to get... now I saw this available Jumbo Flap in Jersey.. I move a lot and really dont want to destroy leather so is it advisable to get a jersey jumbo flap for my everyday work bag?

    Or for my first Chanel bag should I get a Classic flap instead? medium?
  6. this is the jumbo jersey that i saw available...please see attached file....let me know what you think! :yes:
  7. thats a beautiful bag. i'm thinking about getting it too. i think it would be fine as a 1st bag. good luck.
  8. i love the sheen on this particular jersey flap. I also think the Jumbo size is great.
  9. thanks so much for your replies! really appreciate it. I hope the jumbo jersey flap wont be too soft though... u think?? based on the pic??
  10. i love the bag, its a beautiful bag and very good price but i am VERY SCARED for the material...i can imagine color transfer from your jeans, from your clothes...i dont think i want to spend money on white jersey chanel bag.
  11. It really isn't soft. I guess because it has all this "Metallic coating" on the fabric
    I saw one (in a large size) it was so pretty and I was so in love, was thinking about getting it as my first chanel....but I changed my mind and got something else..heehee

    The price is kinda good but considering the fact that it's all fabric..it's not THAT good

    oh and the bag also comes in darker silver colors ;)
  12. does it come in any other color ?
  13. I saw the bag irl and its pretty soft but it is really pretty. It comes in silver as well. So gorgeous!
  14. oh my gosh! I went for it and got the Jumbo Jersey in the soft dove grey color. I got it from Nordstrom today and they will be shipping it all the way here in the Philippines! Thanks Peggy Urban!!! Cannot wait. I'll post pictures when i get it.

    I decided to get it iin Jersey coz its my 1st bag that i want to use everyday...dont want to ruin any leather...but I think for my next Chanel bag I will be going for either a red flap or a mustard colored flap...
  15. Ah, oui. Gorgeous bag, and it would be just fine for a first. It's so classic!