Jumbo in Caviar : What colour there are in 07 ???

  1. Hi :yes: ,

    Are the new colours for the 07 Caviar Jumbo already known ???

    Any pics ???

  2. Ummmm, I have a Black Jumbo Perfor ,acquired last week. No pics as of now......ashamed to say it's in hiding in the closet, hahahahahaha, but seriously, it's really hiding in the closet :shame:
  3. So ...no idea about the 07 colours ???
  4. I was told by my SA in HK they will be getting the perforated lambskin in white ( Y04411 0010), Dark blue (Y04411 84023), Black (Y04411 94305). I muz say the colors are not very intresting.
  5. ^^^
    Thanks Aritziababe agree with you + I 'm not fond about the perforated...

    I think I want a classic Jumbo in caviar...and in one of the 07 colours....