Jumbo Hook Bracelet

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  1. I can’t seem to find any info online about the jumbo hook bracelet. Does anyone have this or could direct me to a thread or something about this?
    It looks like it comes in one size and I have a 6 inch wrist so I’m wondering if I’ll have problems with the hook coming undone? Thoughts? Am I better to go with a hapi 3? I’ve attached a pic for reference. Thanks!

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  2. I believe that one was a necklace.
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  3. I think you will definitely have an easier time with a Hapi bracelet, and there would be more colors to choose from.
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  4. I have an old jumbo bracelet (that really is a bracelet- single tour) and have never had any problems with the hook coming undone. My wrist is about 5.75".

    I also have about 7 Hapis (triple and double tours) and love them to bits. Wear one just about every day....
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  5. Thank you for your replies ☺️
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