Jumbo Help Please!

  1. Hi guys!

    havent posted much in this forum before, but have recently become a chanel addict!

    was flipping through magz one day and saw a pic of the "Jumbo" flap that Nicole Ritchie uses and the red ones that one of the Olsen twins use... but the question I wana ask is...

    what is the EXACT name and size of the bag? I've seen some on the net that describe it as "jumbo" but it's different to the actual "jumbos" that I've seen on the celebs that I mentioned above...

    I really want the size that NR has but what size is it? I've included some pics so that you all know what I'm taking about... one is from this forum, the other is one I've looked up on eBay that says it's a "jumbo"...

    can anyone help me? be great if you can give me some measurements!

    will really appreciate any help you can give me!!! ;)
    904b_12.jpg chanel1.jpg 18052marykateshoppingindn1.jpg
  2. The Nicole one is a vintage bag. The red on the Olsen twin is wearing.....it's hard to tell from that exact photo, but it didn't look vintage to me - not in that shot.
  3. Nicole Richie's was like 9 years ago if I'm correct. So it's a Vintage Jumbo Flap. And the Red from Olsen's is the Jumbo Flap in Caviar I think. It's not vintage.
  4. Yes the one Nicole Richie has is a vintage jumbo lambskin flap. The one MK has is a jumbo caviar flap. The vintage jumbo is bigger than the jumbo they make now.
  5. I think Nicole's one is extra large lambskin which is discontinued. The Olsen's is jumbo lambskin.