Jumbo & GST, which bag in Gold, which in Silver?

  1. For my first Chanel I have chosen the Jumbo classic in black caviar and I will probably eventually get a black GST later as my 2nd Chanel.

    If I were to get one bag with gold hardware and the other with silver to have a Chanel with both hardwares, which bag do you ladies think I should get in which hardware? I need some opinions!!
  2. I personally would get the GST with silver and the Jumbo with gold.
  3. ^dito
  4. I'm the opposite. I have the GST with gold h/w, and the jumbo with silver h/w. Love it!
  5. Thanks for your opinions ladies!
  6. That's how I would do it. I have the mini zippered gst in black gold and want to get the jumbo with silver.
  7. Jumbo with Gold, GST with Silver.
  8. Jumbo Silver, GST Gold
  9. Jumbo with silver and the GST with gold!
  10. I prefer Jumbo with silver and GST with gold.
  11. Thanks for the good feedback, please keep it comin'!! lol
  12. anymore opinions ladies?
  13. GST w/ Gold (i have this one..LOVE IT) , Jumbo w/ Silver (definitely need it, lol)
  14. hmm maybe someone could possibly get into why they prefer which bag with which hardware...
  15. i prefer GST with gold because that gold really helps GST stand out more..
    as for the Jumbo, I like the silver because it's younger looking to me but the silver really shines thru. I have to admit, I do have a Jumbo with Gold H/W (and do love it) but find it sometimes too elegant looking for me..(hehe im 20) ..i hope that helps you decide. go with what your gut feeling is telling you - you cant go wrong either way =)