Jumbo flaps -- your style?

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  1. I've been thinking about getting a jumbo flap but I'm wondering how I would wear it? :confused1: It seems like it would only be good as a "day" bag, b/c of it's size, but is it too formal/dressy to wear as any every day bag?
    It wouldn't really work as an evening bag, b/c it's so big...

    How/when do you girls wear your jumbo flaps? What's the consensus on this?
  2. evening bags don't always need to be small...depending on the occasion. i saw a girl the other day at an evening gala wearing her black jumbo and she looked so young and chic. depends on how you wear it :yes:
  3. I wear mine- dress up or down...because its bigger its great for everyday and every occassion.. and because its CHANEL it can be used as a going out bag.
    I have the new red with new chain. and it goes everywhere with me..
  4. It is very much my style and it is probably my favorite bag of all time. I love it. I think it's great for every day but easily goes to night. I wouldn't wear it to a cocktail party most likely but everywhere else is fair game as far as Im concerned. I have a black jumbo with the classic chain --I find the classic chain to be a bit more dressy than the new chain.
  5. It can go from sport to dressy, it is a great day and a great nightime bag., I got it as a gift from my son at Xmas and I am only 5ft-3" so when I first saw it I thought it might be too big., but no, it is a perfect size and I love it.
  6. I was using mine every day until recently. Now that it's warmer and I'm dressing even more casual, I'm using my small cambon bowler since it's a little bit smaller in size. But once summer is gone I'll be using my jumbo flap again for almost everything. I really love it.
  7. almost like everyday bag...depend on the nature of yr activities
  8. I turned down a red caviar with bijoux chain because the size and colour on me made it look like a postman's bag (I live in the UK).
  9. I have the XL jumbo and I tihnk the bigger size makes it look a bit more casual,....however I can see it working for going out at night if you wear a nice top+ nice jeans or pants and heels...

    I think the larger size tends to look more blanced with floaty or tunic style tops.
  10. Jumbo Flaps are gorgeous! I wanted them soo much rather than the vintage.. I have the vintage and I'm getting rid of it already because I found it heavy! I just think that my XL Jumbo is too heavy for me.. Even though, yes, I love so much... :sad: