Jumbo Flap

CC love

Mar 2, 2011
Hi just got one jumbo cavair in beige ghw but I having 2nd thoughts abt keeping it not sure to change to black ghw ..need help ! Please advise .. Have been thinking it for days

Indeed a very hard decision.....I have got both, and love them both. I think in the end it doesn't matter which one you have now, you will end up getting the other too! This is from personal experience as both are Chanel classic colours and beautiful in their own different ways. I do know though that you can only mostly find the beige in boutiques, high end department stores etc...whereas the black, sometimes you can find it on Ebay, consignment stores as well for cheaper (if you're short of $$)! Some pre-owned black Chanel jumbos are almost brand new! Goodluck with your decision!