Jumbo Flap

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  1. where do you buy your Chanel bags? Have you tried the Chanel store at Short Hills?
  2. haven't tried the short hills, but apparently it was sold out in nyc (the chanel store around 5th ave).

    you know how NJ is sales tax free.. do you think we get no sales tax for chanel bags there too?

  3. NJ is not TAX FREE for handbags! I wish!

  4. selena - thanks.. but what a bummer..
  5. I know some of you were looking for pink...i just saw an authentic one on ebay 6860353632. I have purchased Chanel from this seller before. Albeit it is large and not Jumbo.
  6. There is a black caviar jumbo w/ silver hw at SH last Saturday when I was there. You should give them a call for sure.
    There is tax in NJ for handbags, but its a little less then NY.
    Every little bit helps LOL!
  7. vixy - thanks for the info.. ahhhh.. why do chanel bags have to be so $$$$..
  8. For those who have the Jumbo Flap, what are the measurements of this bag? I'm also petite (5') and don't know if it looks too big for me.

  9. I just got the jumbo flap in pink from Nordstrom yesterday!!!! I'm short-5'2-ish and I love itI don't think it's so big that you can't wear it if you're petite.It's a striking bag.
  10. ^ yeah, mine (you can go back in this forum -- not thread) is just fine. I'm 5'3
  11. I'm really glad I got the jumbo size-for every day I could not get all my stuff in a smaller flap ( I was considering the medium). And I think no one does pink like Chanel! I'm thinking of getting a pink/black Cambon line tote before they're all gone.
  12. I knew I shouldn't have looked in this thread! Now I want one!!!
  13. Great bags in this thread! A flap bag will be next on my wishlist I think. I love this one on Bay Garnett & how she dresses it down with her colorful vintage outfits...Which size would you say this is- jumbo or ? Thanks!


    British Vogue August '05
  14. OMG I would love a red jumbo. What I would do for one LOL!
    I hope they will make it in red again.
  15. Add me to the list of red jumbos! Those pics are fab!